Difficult situations with children

Children need not be disciplined every day or moment. Take a break. There could be some days, where nothing seems to work. Disciplining takes a lot of skill and time. We often tend to yell, shout, or become aggressive when kids don’t listen but that is an ineffective method. Continuously repeating the same things makes the child, not to listen. So relax. Our behaviour is what they learn .it’s important that we hold our peace. Difficult situations with children is when they tend, to avoid a particular job or a chore. We need to seek a way to help the child. These are some points, which can help them.
Listen: An accomplished behaviour is listening. Listen to the child why he /she is not doing her math lesson or history. Is it because she is not able to remember the dates or names or numbers. Help the child in a way to ease out their difficulty. Every child, needs a listening ear and assurance that everything is going to be alright.
Consistent: Discipline is an experience, so it is not learnt overnight. But be consistent in your terms. Do not change to your terms or for anyone else’s conveniences. We have shown some examples in our, you tube channel. Explanations are as follows:
Scene 1: In this the child is told once, to clear toys, in a single warning. As the child shows no interest in doing it, the father then says it again in a stricter voice along with the punishment, she has to do, if she doesn’t clear her toys. Not harsh just being strict and clear. Don’t repeat the chore back and forth. Always give suitable punishment something that the child can comply too.
Scene 2: To gain respect, one has to give respect. When children demand things, ask them to do so politely. If they are not polite, don’t heed to their demands. Only respond when they talk nicely, ask them to add a please and thank you. Channelling the demand correctly is the key. Everyone likes to be told in a nice way. Do not lose your cool. Once the child is saturated, with an annoyed reaction, let them calm down, later you should then talk to them and explain. Be patient.
So, the first rule is to show the right behaviour, correct ourselves, check ourselves, whether we are too demanding, is it any of our stress that we are vexed.
Patience with others is Love, patience with self is hope.

You tube link: https://youtu.be/sR_7UjyJw6Y

2020-07-17 14:58:42