How to discipline

Nature and nurture are cohesive. Nature is what we are, born with our genes, chromosomes etc, it is our surrounding, our environment the people around us, our culture etc. Studies show that nature consist of approximately 50%,nurture also consist of 50% our being. How we interact, our language, ourmanners, are the nurture integrant, that we give our children. So here aresome points, which will help you in disciplining your children. Like I said before,we are not fleecing our children of their will or innocence, just guiding them.First and foremost we start with US.
DIY: Do It Yourself. This is the most important inspection about ourselves. Wecannot do one action and expect the opposite from our children so, scanourselves first. We often tend to skim over our actions for eg. We may lie andexpect the child to speak the truth. Why??? It’s not a rational expectation. Sobefore I expect something good out of my children let ME be the good.Consequences: children cannot conceive repercussions of some behaviours orhabits. We need to make it clear as to what may happen if he/ she follows aparticular non acceptable behaviour for eg. Brushing teeth some kids, some tryto escape brushing teeth or will not brush properly or avoid. We need to tellthem, the consequences of having cavities and painful experience. Mydaughter had this particular way of escaping the evening brushing either shedidn’t do it or it was ineffective. Once, during a visit to my grandmother’splace, I happened to show her dentures to my daughter, (my grandmother is85). She was so shocked seeing her dentures placed out of her mouth. Well Ihad to explain to her, that if she didn’t take care of her teeth, she will have toget a set of dentures for herself. It worked for me. She does do her eveningbrushing ritual honestly.
Listen : try to listen to them maybe there is something bothering them, maybethat’s the reason kids are not able to do, what you are asking them to do. Foreg. not able to pay attention in class, or incomplete notes. Maybe the child isadjusting to something different, maybe a new teacher, or her usual partnerhas changed place, and that might be disturbing her ,so ask , listen and helpthe child out, reason with them What is troubling them.
Consistent reply Yes or No: A very important part of discipline is our consistentanswers regarding important rules. for eg bedtime. If it is at 10. Don’t change itaccording to your fancies to 11 or later. Maybe we have a guest or we are busywith some work. It doesn’t matter, do not delay the child’s bedtime. Maybeshe insist on watching TV a little more. Learn to say that consistent no.especially if the child has school the next day. Give these leverages on an offday (once in a while). Proper sleep habits inculcated goes a long way in thechild’s attention, memory and rest, and it is important of all of us.Seek help: Talk to partners, caregivers, grandparents all those who are aroundyour child for some rules that you follow like for eg; the bedtime. Talk to themnicely and explain it to them too as to why these rules are important and howit would benefit the child. When growing a child everyone matters. Everyone sreaction, all gets inculcated in the child. So seek help from everyone around.Try these small changes and see for yourself how slowly, discipline isinculcated in your children.Most of the time, nurture is all you need.

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