Discipline is teaching children self-control. Acceptable and unacceptable behaviour. It’s not about harassing them, shouting or abusing them. It’s a wrong notion. Every time the word discipline is used, parents see it otherwise, so many parents don’t discipline their children, thinking they are robbing their children of their innocence or their will, It is not so. Discipline is just an arrangement, how they can use their choices in the right way.
It keeps children safe, eg. Health risk of irrational eating habits. Letting the child choose his or her own food, at whatever time they, choose to eat. They may develop a life-long hazardous, eating habits, which in turn steer the child into ailments.
Non-disciplined children may often turn into unhappy, angry kids and hapless adults. People around them may find these kids unruly and unpleasant. They, in turn, may find it difficult to make friends.
Discipline is important for a child’s overall well- being. Nutritious food, physical exercise, love, care, kindness, generosity, compassion, empathy is taught or self-taught through discipline. Children learn to respect authority, especially schools and peer groups. They learn how to manage their behaviour and impulses. They learn the ability to participate with others.
Rememberhow you treat others is how you get treated.

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2020-07-17 14:28:57