Close your eyes and imagine this, when you walking to your house everything is so neat and clean, all things appropriately placed. Well this is often each ones dream. I know it never gets done especially when you have our lovely children around. But that’s absolutely fine, that’s how it’s supposed to be. A house is each ones comfort zone. A house describes the people living in it. A messy house although looks shabby. But it also means that each one is in their comfort zone.

Well, although all these may ease you out, why ORGANIZING ONESELF is so important? Because clutter adds chaos to your life. If every day, things around the house is spread out everywhere, it’s a never ending work. So it’s important, not to steal away the mess, children make out of their excitement. But then again try and keep our house organized, by making children rearrange it themselves.

Let’s try and make a list of things that we need to do, i.e. ‘TODAY list’ , the following day and a list of things we have to do throughout the week, i.e. ’TO DO’ list and list. In ‘TO DO list’ write things, that you need to do for the whole week or month, which would include things like, meditation, exercise, reading etc. And in ‘TODAY list’ write, what you would like to accomplish today, your chores, errands, meetings etc.

Make a menu for the next day, a day prior before. Arrange the things, required like the vegetables to be cut, any paste or mixtures that can be prepared beforehand. This will save your time when you cook. Find quick cooking method, for eg using pressure cooker wherever possible. Soaking rice, pulses in water as soon as you get up in the morning. So once start cooking, it will cook faster. Also find faster ways of doing things, around you, so that you can save quite a bit of time for yourself.

DECLUTTER is a very influential habit in our lives. Stop hoarding things, that you may never use. When you rearrange your closet, give it away. Only keep things that are needed by you, when you are sure to use them. Cease to buy things on sale. It’s never a good idea. Buy only what you need. This will go a long way, in keeping your house intact and leaving you relaxed. The lesser things you stock, means lesser mess and lesser cleaning and rearranging them.

HOBBY, if you don’t have one? Develop one. Internet is a good source to start with, full of ideas. Take a small one, ensure that, you finish it fast. This will motivate you to pick up the next. At least try and engage 3 to 4 times a week for hobbies. Creating something is an attribute from the creator, it’s a joy in itself. Try it.

SIMPLIFY your life, you don’t have to keep buying gadgets that you see. Many of which, you may never end up using. Take help from your family to complete your chores. Give each one a little work, at a time so your errands are reduced. Initially, it may feel, that they are lousy at their work, but they will learn to do it correctly eventually. Be nice to people when you ask for help, try not to demand, even if its kids. RELAX, take a deep breath.as many times a day, sit and close your eyes for 5 minutes at least. Sip a glass of water, before you get back your next chore.

So organizing is learnt slowly, to give you time to do things that you really want to do apart from all your mundane tasks. The most important of all … is to … RELAX, if you are happy, so are people around you.

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2020-07-17 14:43:34