Involving children in household chores

I believe in the term, jack of all trades. It is so important to live, to survive, we need to know everything that happens around our house, our environment and I am sure during this pandemic / lock down many have seen stars. Struggling to do the house work, cook, because no outside help was possible. Initially it was difficult for me too, because the time had to be adjusted. But help from my family, my daughter and my husband made it comfortable. I know of families, having a full house I mean having 4- 5 adults in the house plus children, who were not able to do the house chores that was done by the house help. There are two things delegation of work, and not knowing how to do.
There would, come a time, when our kids would move out, for study or work. Don’t leave them at a disadvantage. They are the adults who end up eating out 365 days a year, because their families never taught them to cook and eat. They fall sick often spoil their health and then ill health continues. So as they say charity begins at home, it’s our duty to inspire our children for a good healthy life.
It Improves life skills, sense of responsibility, help them develop their social skills, it makes them independent. Teach them activities that is appropriate to their age. So that they can do it with ease and comfort, it helps them get involved with our lives. They will learn to help around the house. We have to make our children better human beings, this is where it all starts our HOME. Be nice to them, make it fun, your work too gets distributed.
You can check my video of our children doing different house chores. In fact it feels nice to see our little children help around it, gives a sense of satisfaction a sense of self-reliance.

You tube link: https://youtu.be/2jjIX4afNBs

2020-07-17 14:46:28