Manage stress in children

Children get stressed like adults. Change is a universal factor for stress just like a small change, can put us in tension same can happen to children. We have to learn to observe when it comes to children every time, they may not be able to tell you through verbal communication, it’s the nonverbal communication that we have to rely upon. For children, to get stressed, there could be multiple reasons for eg a new helper in the house, new classroom, new guest, a new partner sitting next to the child in school, new teacher or classroom, birth, death. etc. they will give you cues like Irritability, sleeplessness, headaches, digestive issues, overeating, not interested in the activities that they usually love to do, annoyed on little things etc.
There are few things we can do to help them with the stress
1) Manage your stress: make mornings calmer. Try and prepare things for the morning, a night before for eg; the menu for tomorrow, a meeting you have to attend keep your attire ready , all your tools for the meeting ready , or you have a guest visiting keep the place clean in the night itself instead of morning hassle. Get up with a smile and happy energy. Believe me it is transmissible. Take 10 mins before you start doing your chore drink a glass of water, chalk your task mentally. Remind yourself all is good and today is a peaceful day. The calmer you are the calmer your environment will be and you will replicate your energy to others around you.
2) Exercise regularly with the child: exercise I mean is any physical activity like dance, aerobics, yoga etc whatever you are comfortable, accompany your children along make it a family session involve everyone . Coax others too into it, it will help release out your happy hormones like dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin (natural stress reliever) etc. it will help activate these chemicals and will manage your stress well as well as your child’s.
3) Draw or write together: kids love to play with colours then again there would be some who would love to write, encourage these habits in them. Take time along with them do it together. It helps to connect with your children as well as your inner child that is a topic for another day.
4) Welcome changes: Learn to accept changes with a smile. Change is okay. Teach children to forgive, help them to let go of things that is not under our control. Communicate with your child honestly accept when you make mistake this will teach the child that this is how life is lived by making mistakes and learning from it. It’s not as perfect as it seems. We make it perfect with our smile.
Remember we cannot eliminate stress only manage it.

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2020-07-17 14:55:42